“So glad we listened to our neighbors and called Dahlia!” A review by Patrick in Happy Valley Oregon

So I just bought this home, just off of Sunnyside by the New Seasons Market. It was in overall ok condition, but kitchen was awful. It was not the open concept kitchen that I dreamed of, but this was the house that I fell in love with so I knew I would need to make some changes here and there. I don’t like to just google someone and use them, I really wanted to find someone who had real credible references from real people that I knew. So I began asking around. At the same time my new neighbors invited me over for some coffee. (Mind you their house looks exactly like mine, except its across the street so everything is backwards.) Anyway, I accepted the invitation, and when I arrived I really loved their kitchen! I asked who was their contractor, and they gave me Filip’s card. I was a little bummed when they told me that the kitchen cannot be open concept because it is a load bering wall, and the HOA would not approve, but I was excited at the thought of my kitchen looking bright and airy like theirs! Long story short, I called Filip with Dahlia Home Renovations. Scheduled a time to show my kitchen, and waited. 3 days later I met with Filip. I liked the guy! He’s just a nice guy. He was grateful that the neighbors referred me! He evaluated the kitchen, and emailed me a quote by next week. I felt his price was very reasonable. (My mom renovated her kitchen for over $100K!!!!!!!!) So I was happy to learn that my cost was way under that! Anyway, we scheduled the renovation for the following month. Overall my kitchen is not that big, but the whole thing took about a month from start to finish. It would have been less, but some items (like my awesome deep sink was on backorder). In the end I am very happy with my new finished kitchen. I can’t wait to invite the neighbors over and show off!

Here is how it turned out! (it looks much better in real life!)

Happy Valley Remodeler

-Patrick R